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Entrepreneurial Leadership Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Enterprising Leadership Paper - Assignment Example Five Guys accentuates administration quality more than business gainfulness, as the administration accepts that this arrangement is the most ideal approach to meet client desires. Jerry Murrell, one of the fellow benefactors of Five Guys, says that his marketable strategy was basically to â€Å"sell a great, succulent burger on a new bun. Make flawless French fries. Don’t cut corners† (as refered to in Contemporary Business, 2012). The organization isn't prepared to bargain its item quality regardless of the impressive measure of cash and time it needs to contribute to support it. The contextual analysis mirrors that the organization imported potatoes from northern Idaho paying little heed to the moderate development issues so as to get strong and delicious potatoes; and rather than this, the firm’s contenders imported less expensive and low quality potatoes from Florida or California (Contemporary Business, 2012). So also, when the greater part of the inexpensiv e food chains served dried out solidified fries to take favorable circumstances of size, Five Guys consistently furnished its clients with new fries. It is seen that the majority of the other natural pecking orders attempted to pool modest crude materials so as to improve riches expansion. This business theory profited the association in accomplishing significant level client faithfulness. From the contextual investigation, clearly clients quietly hang tight for burger regardless of whether its 17 unique fixings are specially made and it is a tedious assignment (Contemporary Business, 2012). Besides, Five Guys’ unmistakable way of thinking helped the organization to wipe out publicizing costs since the system itself was an adequate resource for cause clients to promote for the organization. Break down the first estimations of the new business and how it stays solid today Since the start, Five Guys has been fruitful, and it is one of only a handful hardly any natural ways of l ife in America that stayed unaffected by ongoing worldwide downturn (QSR Insights, 2012). While looking for the explanation, obviously the company’s exacting strategies have helped it to defeat different market troubles since its commencement. As it were, unique qualities for the new business despite everything stay solid notwithstanding some insignificant changes. As the organization the board had chosen at the hour of Five Guys establishment, the firm despite everything keeps on offering quality items and administrations to its clients. Toward the beginning up time, the organization had chosen not to utilize low quality fixings or serve solidified food things to individuals. Limiting commercial costs and consequently passing investment funds to clients was another beginning up estimation of the firm. Indeed, even amidst the ongoing worldwide downturn, the organization was not prepared to utilize low quality elements for its food things. Moreover, the organization despite ev erything centers around its client publicizing system along with worker motivator plans to advance its business. In any event, when the organization started diversifying in 2002, it was careful, demanding that franchisees don't utilize low quality items and don't render low quality administrations. So as to guarantee franchisees’ probability, the firm doesn't establishment to anybody except if the possibility works at least five eateries. Since its commencement, the organization got various honors for its proficiency and client administrations. Most remarkably, the firm acquired Washington Magazine’s â€Å"Number 1 Burger† grant for a long time (Contemporary Business, 2012). Be that as it may, as indicated by 2010 yearly report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Five Guys’

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The Civil Rights In The 1950s And 60s Essay Example For Students

The Civil Rights In The 1950s And 60s Essay (1) Trumans social liberties board of trustees: In 1947 Trumans Civil Rights Committee suggested laws ensuring the privilege of African Americans to cast a ballot and restricting isolation on railways and transports. It likewise required a government law rebuffing lynching. He gave official requests finishing isolation in the military and precluding work separation in all legislature agencies.(2) Brown V. the Board of Education (1954): In 1954 the Supreme Court settled on one of the most significant choices in its long history. It chose on account of Brown v. Leading body Of Education of Topeka that it was illegal for states to keep up isolated schools for African American and white youngsters. This case over turned the Separate yet equivalent teaching built up on account of Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896. (3) Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955): After the incomparable court chose to end isolation, African Americans began to stand up progressively about their racial sentiments. In Montgomery, Alabama, a transport blacklist finished with a triumph for the African Americans. The Supreme Court decided that the Alabama isolation laws were unlawful. During the blacklist a youthful African American Baptist serve, Martin Luther King, Jr. turned out to be notable. All through the long challenge he prompted African Americans to dodge viciousness regardless of had gravely incited by whites. Rosa Parks worn out on sitting in the rear of the transport, and surrendering her seat to white men. One tired day she wouldn't move from the front of the transport, and she got one of historys saints in the Civil Rights Act development. (4) The Civil Rights Act: In 1964 congress passed a Civil Rights Act forbidding racial separation in eateries, theaters, lodgings, clinics, and open offices of numerous types. This social equality act additionally made it simpler and more secure for Southern Blacks to enroll and cast a ballot. Laws were passed to assist poor with peopling improve their capacity to acquire cash, a program to give additional assistance to kids in danger even before they were mature enough to go to class, and a program to prepare school dropouts.(5) The Great Society: These activities were exceptionally famous. Johnson effectively won the 1964 presidential political decision and afterward proposed what he called the Great Society program. This was Johnsons plan. He would work to improve the lives surprisingly, yet particularly poor people and the frail. Projects were planned for helping each portion in the public arena. (6) Passive Resistance: After Martin Luther King, Jr. effectively drove the African Americans through the transport blacklist, he turned into a national figure. Wherever he lectured the possibility of peacefulness or detached opposition as the most ideal approach to accomplish racial uniformity. Peaceful opposition isn't a strategy for quitters he said. One must acknowledge blows from the adversary without striking back. Love, not abhor or power, was the best approach to change people groups minds.(7) I have a fantasy: 1. Right now is an ideal opportunity to ascend from the dim and forsaken valley of isolation to the sunlit way of racial equity. 2. Free finally! Free finally! Express gratitude toward god-like, we are free at last!3. I have a fantasy that one day this extraordinary country will ascend and experience the genuine significance of its statement of faith: We hold these facts to act naturally obvious: that all men are made equivalent.

Cash for Organs

Sheila Rivers ENG 101/MWF Oct. 29, 2012 Mr. Viquesney Cash for Organs Charity ought to be the main reason for organ gift. Then again, money remuneration for giving organs ought to be an alternative and legitimized. With the staggering requirement for organs and insufficient givers in the United States, an open, directed, and lawful money for-organs advertise is expected to adjust the need and lack of organs. There will consistently be a requirement for organ donations.According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), as of October 2012 there are 116,421 men, ladies, and youngsters on the organ transplant shortlist to get hearts, livers, kidneys, and other human organs. With an aggregate of just 8,280 contributors alive and expired so far this year, the requirement for gave organs far surpasses the gift of organs. This requirement for gave organs leaves an enormous hole in transplants and subsequently patients hold up months, even a very long time on the hanging tight rundown for gave organs. Like clockwork another name is added to the national organ transplant holding up list.By the time patients jump on the holding up list they have been assessed by a transplant specialist and is in end stage organ disappointment. As per (organdonor. gov) at this moment, there are all that anyone could need individuals trusting that an organ will fill a football arena twice finished. By and large, 18 individuals kick the bucket each day sitting tight for a transplant that never occurs as an immediate aftereffect of the absence of organ gifts. Patients that can bear the cost of it will go to different nations to buy organs on the underground market to spare their life. The National Organ Transplant Act (NOTA) went in 1984, made the purchasing and selling of human organs in the United States illegal.Over very numerous individuals kick the bucket every year sitting tight for a gave organ that isn't accessible to spare their life. The alternative to sell an organ ought to be exclusively surrendered over to the person who needs to do as such, as long as the methodology and all the dangers that are included are completely comprehended. On the off chance that somebody chooses to sell and organ to who ever they need, for a transient remuneration they ought to reserve the privilege to do as such. It won't just spare the life of the beneficiary, yet additionally monetarily remunerate the giver consequently. After all it is their body and the administration ought not reserve the option to tell individuals that selling an organ for pay is illegal.With such a significant number of individuals passing on and sitting tight for an actual existence sparing organ transplant, this would diminish the passings and sit tight time for an organ. In 1988 Iran got one of the principal Nations to allow and direct installment and different impetuses for living benefactor transplants. Therefore, the quantity of renal transplants performed considerably expanded to such an ext ent that in 1999, the renal transplant shortlist was totally wiped out. As of now, Iran has no renal transplant holding up list. With results, for example, this, demonstrates money for human organs can possibly wipe out the transplant shortlist in the United States.A number of transplant specialists have been persuaded tat giving monetary motivating forces to organ sources, as an option in contrast to unselfish organ gift needs cautious reevaluation. By allowing an open, directed, and legitimate money for-organs advertise this could spare the lives of the individuals who endure and pass on day by day as a result of kidney disappointment while sitting tight for a gave kidney. The executive of Kidney Health Australia said â€Å"if it was painstakingly directed such that kept away from any potential maltreatment and was composed by the administration or some different procedure that was important, a pilot would be beneficial doing† [Mathew].If there were a pay for organ gifts, m ore individuals would be intrigued and ready to become organ benefactors. The kidney is the main organ an individual can sell or give and securely keep on living without. Despite the fact that we are brought into the world with two kidneys an individual can carry on with a full and ordinary existence with only one, notwithstanding living similarly up to an individual with two. On account of a kidney, an affection giver is equipped for living effectively after a transplant medical procedure, in light of the fact that throughout the years medical procedures have become more secure and less intrusive for the benefactor with less down time.According to the vault information from UNOS, look into has demonstrated that a kidney from a live contributor is the best alternative for long haul transplantation. Throughout the years the quantity of living benefactors have consistently diminished while the expired givers have expanded, in spite of the fact that the expansion in insufficient to bal ance the reduction. NOTA was additionally made to address the basic organ gift lack and improve the organ coordinating and arrangement process. As stated, â€Å"Due to the high achievement pace of organ transplants throughout the years it has made getting an organ more difficult.Improved endurance rates and the desire that organ substitution will improve personal satisfaction have empowered more specialists and their patients with organ inability to pick transplantation† [Klein]. The early organ transplants performed routinely had a high death rate; the significant issue was the patients’ safe framework dismissed the remote organ. During the time with the presentation of medication has helped bring down the death rate because of the dismissal of the outside organ and organ transplants have become increasingly normal and less experimental.To their astonishment, benefactors don't comprehend or realize what number of lives are spared or can be spared basically by giving o rgans. There are no age prerequisites to being an organ giver. The truth of the matter is everybody can be an organ giver; anyone younger than eighteen must have a parental assent. The way toward persuading people to be an organ benefactor is testing, and a portion of these difficulties are an absence of information, dread of sudden passing, and the absence of trust of the clinical calling. The vast majority don't have a clue what the procedure of organ gift is and how it attempts to spare lives.People feel that if the specialist knew they where an organ giver he/she would not invest as much energy into sparing their life along these lines. On the off chance that individuals had a superior understanding and more information about the procedure of organ gift more individuals would give organs to help spare lives. Noble cause ought not be the main choice for organ gift. At the point when noble cause is the main alternative the contributor don't reserve the privilege to give their orga n to who they wish. With such a large number of individuals on the shortlist for an organ transplant and approach to barely any benefactors there should be another approach to draw in donors.The money for organ program that has demonstrated an achievement in different nations ought to be taken a gander at on a progressively genuine note. Because of the deficiency cut off lack of gave organs that has prompted unnecessary passing of such a large number of individuals, the money for organs is by all accounts an extremely genuine approach to spare lives. Until current medication can totally develop completely create human organs there will consistently be a requirement for human organs and the quickest method to acquire organs for transplant is to offer monetaury compensation.The pay for human organs will open up a business opportunity for willing benefactors. Book reference optn. transplant. hrsa. gov unos. organization Klein, Andrew S. , MD, executive of Cedar’s-Sinai Medical C enter Declining Organ Donations, Causes Widening Need Gap, Life Science, 22 March 2010 Ahad, Ghods J. , Dr. ‘Iranian Model of Paid and Regulated Living-Unrelated Kidney Donation. † Cjasn. asnjournals. organization N. p. , n. d. Site page 1 www. unos. organization Page 2 www. optn. transplant. hrsa. gov Page 2 Andrew S. Klein, MD, chief of Cedar’s-Sinai Medical Center

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The Ethics of Hacking

Presentation Modifying PC equipment and programming with a target other than the first motivation behind the maker establishes PC hacking. In PC organizing, hacking likewise implies controlling system connections.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on The Ethics of Hacking explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Most PC programmers are self-educated, yet they have master level aptitudes in various programming dialects. Albeit a significant number of programmers are driven by ulterior thought processes, many utilize their abilities to take care of issues. A few enterprises enlist programmers to join their specialized staff. Their responsibility is to discover vulnerabilities in the company’s security framework for fix up before programmers with ulterior intentions find the blemishes and endeavor them (Computer Hacking, n.d.). Hacking abilities can, consequently, be utilized to forestall PC related violations, for example, wholesale fraud. In spit e of the fact that hacking cam be utilized for acceptable, the term is these days related with vindictive assaults on the web and different systems. Programmers use contents which are utilized to control information in a system association with increase wanted data. There are many prepared contents accessible online that can be utilized by unpracticed programmers. Experienced programmers can change the contents to concoct new strategies for assaulting system associations. While hacking can not be right in numerous examples, it is as yet accommodating. The unavoidable issue is in the case of doing what can be viewed as off-base by gatherings, for example, companies is as yet moral when the very activities help others, particularly the buyers. History of hacking Early programmers as we comprehend them today can be followed to 1960s. They were essentially PC specialists just keen on changing projects to make them work better. In most of cases, the adjustments created by them were super ior to existing frameworks. UNIX working framework was a hack item by Dennis Ritchie and Keith Thomson (Computer Hacking and Ethics, n.d.).Advertising Looking for paper on software engineering? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In 1970, another sort of programmer called â€Å"phreakers† developed who focused phone frameworks solely. They misused the exchanging system of the phone framework to make significant distance calls for nothing. 1980s was the defining moment in the historical backdrop of hacking. Acquaintance of PCs drove with the expansion in the quantity of programmers just as programmer targets were enlarged. Utilization of modems extended programmers reach to incorporate many individuals. During this time, hacker’s reasoning changed from benevolent investigation to the interest for individual increase. This developing variety of programmers comprised of youngsters who were not happy with the old prog rammer reasoning of opportunity and innovation. Starting 1990s, another sort of programmers, who were not quite the same as prior programmers, developed and was set on utilizing their insight to accomplish criminal parts of the bargains (Hacking | Jonathan Zdziarski’s Domain, n.d.). They were engaged with acts, for example, pilfering and dispersing exclusive programming, infection, games, and so forth. Programmers even framed online groups whose strategic to taking touchy and other arranged data. This new advancement prompted entry of laws that identified with hacking. One such law was passed in 1986. The law condemned messing with a PC with the goal to gain different people’s individual data. Hacking and breaking To a great many people, what they know as hacking is in certainty splitting. Breaking is utilized to depict assaults on a PC arrange for narrow minded or vindictive objectives. Hacking applies to arrange control for helpful purposes. The two terms are, be tha t as it may, utilized conversely by numerous individuals outside the universe of academia.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on The Ethics of Hacking explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Common hacking methods Hackers abuse shortcomings in a framework which incorporates the accompanying: Poor setup of web servers Poor security controls Bugs in programming Default secret word Poor decision secret phrase Other than utilization of contents in hackings, unapproved access of PC remotely should be possible utilizing PC worms and disavowal of administration (DoS) assaults (Computer Hacking and Ethics, n.d.). Poor design and security control empower programmers to interface utilizing unbound WAPs. Multifaceted nature of programming frameworks makes it inconceivable for engineers to foresee or recreate how the product would act if the source code was marginally altered. A skilled programmer can get fascinating outcomes by meddling with source code. Explanatio ns behind moral Hacking has as of late become a major issue. Large partnerships and government offices have borne the brunt of these assaults. Every one of these cases, the intention of aggressors was to take data for individual increase. Moral hacking has created as a technique for protection against hacking. Moral programmers are security masters who use hacking abilities to find vulnerabilities for fixing before they are uncovered and misused by untrustworthy programmers (Mathew, 2003). Numerous enormous enterprises, government offices, and instructive organizations hold significant data which whenever bargained, would prompt either loss of cash, notoriety, or significant security data. Thus, thinking about the stakes, associations are happy to go the entire hoard to secure their information. As an ever increasing number of companies embrace IT as a fundamental piece of their activity, moral hacking will turn out to be significantly progressively significant (Computer Hacking and Ethics, n.d.). In addition, it is anticipated that digital assaults will keep on expanding soon. Enterprises these days need to battle with examination radiating from administrative methods and dread for embarrassments, for example, the Enron calamity (Harper, 2011). Accordingly, securing data resources is viewed as significant and most partnerships find a way to initiate defensive measures. Keeping up secrecy is, subsequently, of vital importance.Advertising Searching for exposition on software engineering? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More In this present reality where assaults can happen whenever, the abilities of a moral programmer can be valuable. The Ethics of hacking In the early long stretches of communication, organizations, for example, ATT were making immense benefits by cheating shoppers for calls and related types of gear. Through enactment, whenever was, for example, illicit to connect a hardware not made by ATT. This gave the organization imposing business model and propagated its strength into the market. These days, it may not be feasible for companies to keep up tremendous benefits through draconian laws. Anomalous benefits can in any case be kept up through utilization of Digital Rights Management (DRM). Utilizing DRM, organizations can bolt out highlights to smother rivalry. Hacking such gadgets helps in getting to bolted highlights and hold producers under control. In 1960s, ATT utilized enactment to keep outsiders from connecting hardware other than their own into the telephone jacks. Had the organi zation utilized innovation rather, individuals would have, no doubt, hacked telephone jacks to permit outsider associations. Thinking back, such sort of hacking could have empowered individuals to make calls at a less expensive cost, yet in those days, their activities could have been inadmissible to ATT, as they would lose income. In such a situation, the moral inquiry is this: between the programmer and the organization cheating shoppers, who isn't right and who is correct? The programmer would have helped clients from abuse, however such activities seem shameless. The Digital Millennium Act permits customers to: Unlock their telephones Fix vulnerabilities Undertake specialized research This has comprehended the moral issue about in the case of hacking to take care of a specialized issue presenting the client to peril is ethically right. The legislature permits companies to bolt gadgets yet additionally to open as long as the expectation is acceptable. Organizations typically lock cell phones to a specific system and sell the equivalent at sponsored cost. Along these lines, organizations sell more units and furthermore gain incomes from administration contracts. Moral hacking is near insightful news coverage. A moral programmer forces specialized abilities to modify the capacity of a framework, yet has the control to so for ethically right reasons. This programmer accomplishes something other than look for reality; he additionally makes a move to address wrongs or vulnerabilities. The moral test is to separate between burglary of administrations and corporate ravenousness. A genuine case of corporate avarice is the place a telephone producer may, for instance, incapacitate a capacity and later charge clients to reactivate it. Thinking about increment in corporate avarice, morals of hacking requests that impediments that the maker of a gadget may force be totally supported. In the event that that isn't the situation, a programmer maybe has the option to re-em power such highlights that were crippled with the aim of abusing the client. The significant inquiry a programmer needs to consider before hacking is whether an organization is picking up by giving certain usefulness or by confining it. On the off chance that this inquiry can't be replied, it is difficult to figure out who is taking from whom. Programmers are significant in light of the fact that what they do uncover specialized subtleties that others can use to make comparable or better items. In doing as such, they are keeping up solid rivalry which private enterprise depends to stay sound. As prior noted, hacking can obviously help improve gadgets. At the point when apple iphone was discharged in 2007, it was a moment hit available. The hacking network began to deal with it to extend the usefulness of the gadget so outsider applications can introduce and run. After a brief timeframe, programmer network built up a compiler and numerous applications to run on iphones.

Educational Quotes Applied to Music Education Essay

Have you at any point had a second where you ended up attempting to comprehend a troublesome idea on your own when the entirety of the abrupt, â€Å"click,† and everything appeared well and good? You could believe this to resemble a light turning on inside your head, and now the comprehension is all reasonable. Presently envision a thoughtful individual giving you a wellspring of light to make everything understood, as opposed to you attempting to figure a light without anyone else. This is actually how teachers work and is the thing that this superb statement is attempting to address. By devouring their own insight and experience, they touch off a light that sparkles for their understudies to use to direct them to their future achievement. Before disclosing its importance to the music instructive world, I will initially explain the emblematic utilization of the flame. As teachers, we develop in our insight and authority of the workmanship where we decide to seek after. By accomplishing more intelligence and expertise, the establishments we fabricate will continue to our working environment and permit us to prevail to higher degrees. This can be firmly identified with the work of a light. The more grounded and better the wax or oil is made, the more splendid the flame will enlighten when touched off. A more grounded light methods for a superior view. Others may utilize this solid light to direct them through numerous dim difficulties that face them. In spite of the fact that the light can't be utilized as a device for direct assurance, it offers a more splendid comprehension of what the individual may confront, and from that point they can make the right judgment. Educators fill in as this flame, while understudies fill in as the lost person. On the off chance that an educator has a solid establishment in what they know, their shrewdness can be given to their understudy with the goal that they may advance effectively to their future. In spite of the fact that the teacher can't be there to sit in the student’s seat and take the test for them, they may extend the student’s comprehension of the idea and take into consideration them to settle on the correct decisions dependent on their comprehension. The flame doesn't stroll for the holder, yet it will light the way so they realize where to walk and what to dodge. The superb thing about candles is that their light doesn't lessen at all until all the wax or oiled is expended. Teacher will consistently have exercises to train their understudy until the entirety of their insight is devoured by the understudy. The main thing that can quench its fire in any case is the inconsiderateness of the holder permitting it to defuse. Music teachers don't wander much at all to scholarly instructors with regards to looking at their effect upon understudies. The more information and aptitude a music instructor has will affect how brilliant their student’s future will be and how well they will ace the craft of their instrument. This is the reason it is significant for music instructors to get extraordinary training in all components of music instruction. At that point perhaps one day, the understudy may grow up to turn into a very much made flame for another aggressive understudy to light the path to their future.

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The Best Worst College Towns Cities

The Best — And Worst —Â  College Towns Cities by: Nathan Allen on December 10, 2019 | 0 Comments Comments 1,375 Views December 10, 2019Austins 6th Street. Courtesy photoWhat do Austin, Orlando, and Ann Arbor all have in common? Besides the presence of some retail and fast-food chains, probably not much. But, according to new research from WalletHub, those three cities are the best for college students. The financing platform examined 31 different data points to compile a ranking of more than 400 cities and towns with colleges in the U.S. The results were divided into three categories — large cities, midsized cities, and small cities. Austin placed first in the large cities category while Orlando topped the midsized cities and Ann Arbor led the small cities.Using the 31 different metrics all rated on a scale of 1 to 100 where 100 was the best, WalletHub based the rankings on three different categories — Wallet Friendliness, Social Environment, and Ac ademic Economic Opportunities. For Wallet Friendliness, WalletHub looked at factors like housing costs, an adjusted cost of living for young people, the cost of higher education, and loan debt per person. Social Environment included categories like students per capita, nightlife options per capita, share of population aged 18 to 35, and festivals per capita. The academic and economic opportunities category was weighted the heaviest at 50 points and included categories like the quality of higher education, the median income for part-time workers, and entrepreneurial activity.Austin is the state capital of Texas and one of the fastest-growing large cities in the U.S. It is rapidly becoming a tech outpost — known as Silicon Hills — for large coastal firms and is home to offices for Google, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, eBay, and PayPal, among others. Located in Central Texas, Austin is also within 200 miles of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Besides being home to the Universit y of Texas-Austin, the city is home to about a dozen other higher education institutions.CITIES THAT ARE HOME TO FLAGSHIP CAMPUSES FAIR WELLFollowing Austin in the large city category is Tampa, Florida. Located on the states west coast, the city of about 400,000 is the third-largest in the state and is home to the University of South Florida and a few other colleges. Up next is Seattle, which is home to the University of Washington and Seattle University, again, among other higher education institutions. Rounding out the top five are San Diego and Las Vegas.As for medium-sized cities, Orlando tops the list. The city of just under 300,000 is also considered a tech hub and is home to the University of Central Florida. Orlando is followed by Scottsdale, Arizona, which rests just outside of Phoenix. After Scottsdale, Salt Lake City, Reno, and Gainesville, Florida round out the top five respectively. Those three cities serve as the home to the flagship universities in their respective st ates. Salt Lake City is home to the University of Utah, while Reno is home to the University of Nevada and Gainesville is home to the University of Florida.Leading the way for small-sized cities is Ann Arbor, the home to the University of Michigan. Following Ann Arbor is Provo, Utah, which is where Brigham Young University is located. After Provo, Rexburg, Idaho, Charleston, Illinois, and Stevens Point, Wisconsin round out the top-five. Rexburg is home to Brigham Young University Idaho. Charleston is where Eastern Illinois University is located and Stevens Point is home to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.!function(){"use strict";window.addEventListener("message",function(a){if(void 0!["datawrapper-height"])for(var e in["datawrapper-height"]){var t=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-"+e)||document.querySelector("iframe[src*='"+e+"']");tAt the other end, a few California cities rank as the worst large-sized cities for college students. Oakland is at t he bottom. Across the Bay from San Francisco and neighbors to Berkeley, Oakland has a high cost of living. And while nearby places like San Francisco and San Jose have been impacted by high salaried jobs, Oakland hasnt kept pace as much. Following Oakland as the next-worse city for college students is Santa Ana in the southern portion of California. Up next is Stockton, which rests in the northern part of Californias Central Valley. Rounding out the bottom five are Detroit and Arlington, Texas.Shreveport, Louisianna ranks at the bottom of mid-sized cities. Following Shreveport are Bridgeport, Connecticut, Jackson, Mississippi, Augusta, Georgia, and Yonkers, New York. As for small cities, Germantown, Maryland is at the bottom. Kendall, Florida follows as the second-worst small college city. Rounding out the bottom five are New Rochelle, New York, East Los Angeles, California, and Compton, California.!function(){"use strict";window.addEventListener("message",function(a){if(void 0!==a. data["datawrapper-height"])for(var e in["datawrapper-height"]){var t=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-"+e)||document.querySelector("iframe[src*='"+e+"']");tThe entire report and methodology can be found here. Page 1 of 11

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Scholarships with August and September Deadlines

HomeFinanceScholarshipsScholarships with August and September DeadlinesThis page may contain affiliate links.Aug 5, 2015 Looking for money to pay for college? Dont wait, apply to these 18 scholarships with August and September 2015 deadlines.   Race To Inspire Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $500 Eligibility:  Participants must be able to verify enrollment for college at an accredited university inside the USA during the fall semester of the same year the essay is submitted. Notes:  Whether you ran a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon, write a short essay explaining what inspired you to run, what challenges you faced, and what you learned through the experience. Prepare an essay sharing your race story between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length. Send your essay to [emailprotected] with â€Å"Race to Inspire – Scholarship† in the subject line Deadline: August 15, 2015    Checks Superstore Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $1,000 Eligibility: Must be a US citizen and a full-time student attending (or planning to attend on a full-time basis) an accredited institution of higher education. Deadline:  Aug 15, 2015    Tutor the People Essay Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $1000 Eligibility: High School Juniors through College Seniors   The Tutor the People Essay Scholarship is open to current high school seniors and undergraduate students attending an institution in the United States. You must be at least 16 years of age, be in good academic standing, have a minimum  GPA  of 3.0 and submit a 500 to 1,000 word personal response to the prompt on the sponsor’s website in order to qualify for this award. Deadline:  Aug 15, 2015    CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes Type: Essay Award: $1000 Eligibility: Open to full or part-time students who are in an accredited secondary or post-secondary educational institution or program. To enter, you must enroll in the Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS educational resource program. Deadline:  8/13/15    Courage to Grow Scholarship Type:  Essay Eligibility:  Student must be a junior or senior in high school and have a minimum 2.5 GPA. It is open to US citizens only. Notes:  Must write a 250 word essay explaining why you deserve the scholarship; Past winners have discussed overcoming such obstacles as foster care, living in a poor neighborhood, attending low-income schools, and working hard toward a career goal. Award:  $500 Deadline:  Ã‚  August 31, 2015    Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship Type: Essay Eligibility: Must be attending a college or university no later than January of 2016 and have a GPA of 3.0 or greater during the last academic year. Award: $500 Deadline:  Aug 31, 2015    Vectorworks Design Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $10,000 Eligibility: Must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in undergraduate or graduate studies for six or more credits at an accredited college or university, and pursuing a design-oriented degree. Deadline:  Aug 31, 2015    SwissGear Ultimate Backpack Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $5,000 Eligibility: Incoming college freshman for the fall 2015 academic semester or a current undergraduate or graduate student that is enrolled by August 31, 2015 at any accredited two or four year college, university or institute. Deadline:  Aug 31, 2015    Clubs of America Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $1,000 Eligibility: Any current college student of an accredited U.S. college or university with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 is welcome to apply. Deadline:  Aug 31, 2015 Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $3000 Eligibility: Any current, full-time, student of an accredited US university or college with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 is welcome to apply. There is no age requirement. Deadline:  Aug 31, 2015    Commerce Bank Scholarship Sweepstakes Type: Sweepstakes Award: $2500 Eligibility: 18 years and older.  The Commerce Bank Scholarship Sweepstakes is open to students enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution. Winners will be selected at random. Deadline:  Aug 31, 2015    S.L.A.C. Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $500 Eligibility: SLAC Scholars are selected on a rolling basis from a national applicant pool of college freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Deadline:  Sept 15, 2015    Glamours 2016 Top 10 College Women Competition Type: Essay Award: $20,000 Eligibility: Glamour Magazine provides nine $3,000 and one $20,000 scholarship to women who are full-time juniors in college. All winners will also receive a trip to New York City and recognition in the magazine.   Deadline:      U.S. Bank Financial Genius Scholarship Type: Application and Online Class Award: $5000 Eligibility: The U.S. Bank Financial Genius Scholarship is available to high school seniors and college undergraduate students who complete all eight Financial Genius for Life education modules located at You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to be eligible for this award. Deadline:  September 17, 2015 Tweet for Success Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $5000 Eligibility: If you are a current undergraduate student, you may be eligible for one of four $500 scholarships provided through this fun contest. No application is needed, just a simple tweet to explain the benefits of online courses and degrees vs. traditional schooling.   Deadline: September 18, 2015.    Hit the Books Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $500 Eligibility: Eligible students will be aged 18-25 and enrolled in an accredited college or university. Deadline:  Sep 30, 2015    Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $500 Eligibility: In order to apply for the Odenza Marketing Group Fall Scholarship you must like our facebook page here: and write two small essays. Deadline:  Sept 30, 2015    JW Surety Bonds Scholarship Type: Essay Award: $1000 Eligibility: The JW Surety Bonds Scholarship is open to current college students. You must submit an informational article of between 500 and 1,000 words on one of the sponsor approved topics in order to qualify for this award. Videos of between one and five minutes and slideshows of between 10 and 30 slides are also acceptable. Deadline:  Sept 30, 2015 Road2College Debbie Schwartz is former financial services executive and founder of Road2College and the Paying For College 101 Facebook group. She's dedicated to providing families with trustworthy information about college admissions and paying for college. With data, tools and access to experts she's helping families become educated consumers of higher ed. View all posts CATEGORIES FinanceScholarships TAGS ScholarshipsNEWER POSTThe R2C Takeaway Wk of 8/24OLDER POSTShould You Use The College Board Search Tool To Research Colleges?